Welcome to The Meal Planning Moms!

Jennifer Kahn and Ira Lapsley - The Meal Planning Moms

We are busy moms who love to cook, and want to feed our families healthy, delicious food.  We’ve found that creating weekly menus decreases the stress of figuring out what to make for dinner when everyone’s already tired and hungry, makes cooking dinner more enjoyable, and allows us to keep what our families are eating relatively healthy by decreasing processed food, fast food and take-out.  We’ll share our weekly menus, along with grocery lists, with you, and along the way we’ll throw in dinner parties, delicious breakfast ideas, our favorite desserts, and more.

Neither Jennifer nor Ira have any professional culinary experience, but we do have something a lot of you have:  busy lives, husbands, children, community responsibilities and jobs.  And, we’ve loved food – reading about it, thinking about it, cooking it and eating it – for pretty much since we can remember.  Some of Ira’s earliest memories include pulling apart and eating crabs, and her mother teaching her how to make roux;  Jennifer drives around town running errands while making up future dinner party menus in her head.  We’ve also discovered, talking to neighbors and friends, that a lot of people feel pure panic when it gets close to dinner time, trying to figure out what to make when everyone’s already hungry and tired.  Being pretty Type – A, we’ve always made weekly menus and grocery lists, which makes dinner time much less stressful, cooking much more enjoyable, and dinner generally healthier and tastier than take-out or prepared foods from the supermarket freezer section.
So, leave the meal-planning to us, and check in often to catch the week’s menu, along with a grocery list.  Look, too, for dinner party menus, delicious desserts, food adventures, life adventures, healthy breakfast items, and more!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the photographs which help make sure you are doing it correctly. I am apparently a Luddite who cannot figure out how to sign up, but I want to receive it monthly! Great illustrations.

  2. Wow Jennifer, you never cease to amaze me with your culinary expertise. Who needs cooking school? I ‘ve tasted many of your dishes which are always so delightful. I am looking forward to more recipes and ways to make my weekly meals and shopping easier. Thank you Jennifer and Ira and congratulations on your new endeavor!

  3. you guys are amazing!!! this site is so completely cool!! i love it! the last time i ate anything prepared by Jennifer Kahn, however, was probably in 4th grade…who knew i was eating with a would-be food blogger?! looks like you’ve perhaps expanded your horizons since those days…everything looks incredibly delicious! and the pictures are awesome…and the grocery list…all of it!!! omg!! i just realized on the PRINTER FRIENDLY version, you can delete items from the grocery list if you don’t need to purchase them! this site is so well thought out! love love love!! i see big things happening for you guys! ❤

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